Understanding course levels

Level key:

Level 1 – no sewing experience necessary or in need of refreshering

Level 2 – having basic sewing experience (for example, have experience of sewing in straight lines)

Level 3 – Intermediate sewing skills (for example, have experience of sewing a basic dress or blouse)

Level 4 – Advanced sewing skills (for example, having experience of sewing a pair of trousers)

Level 5 – experienced, achieving professional looking garments and achieving a perfect fit



Courses we offer


Below are a list of the courses currently on offer. Click on the links for more detail. If the course you are interested in is not avialable, please email us and if enough people are interested, we'll try to run the course.

More courses will be added so call us on 070 4090 4016 if you need further information.




Sewing machine basics (3 hour workshop)


Private one-to-one Sewing Lessons


Beginners Vintage Dressmaking (capelet) - Part 1


Beginners Vintage Dressmaking (dress) - Part 2


Dressmaking for Beginners


Quilting for Beginners


Introduction to dressmaking (6 hour workshop)


Turn your old jeans into a new skirt - Jean-ius


Evening/bridesmaid dress


Sewing techniques - Part I (3 hour workshop)


Sewing Techniques - Part II


Beginners Tote Shopping Bag


Cushion cover (3 hour workshop)






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